S3E9.5 TIA Time Capsule - Prelude to Episode 10

Next week's final match for season 3 is Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada from Wrestle Kingdom 11 - the match that melted the internet for a few days in early 2017 when Dave Meltzer gave out his very first 6 star rating and people were discussing whether or not it was the greatest match of all time. 

Back in January of 2017 - shortly after the match took place - Joaquin, Frank and Chuck sat down to record their fresh thoughts and feelings on the match as an experiment to see how much, if at all, their opinions would change when they finally got around to reviewing it for an episode. Consider this podcast supplemental material to next week's final match when the guys re-visit Omega/Okada I and answer the questions that they posed to themselves in this time capsule recording.

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