S5E7: The Midnight Express vs The Southern Boys w/Jeff Lee



Mullets on both sides of the ring. White Guy Karate. Jim Cornette insulting fans while waving a tennis racket wildly in the air. We must be in the early 90s. This week your boys have a look at a highly touted mid-card match-up between The Midnight Express and the Southern Boys.

The Boys are on a bit of a hot streak heading into this title match and it raises some questions: Can the crafty veterans manage to overcome their wild-eyed challengers? Will Beautiful Bobby's hair manage to stay attached to his head? Is someone going to tell Smothers and Armstrong that their ring gear is NOT COOL?

Joining the fun this week is the founder of Rough Draft Games and one of the hosts of the Roll And Move Podcast: Jeff Lee! (@roughdraftgames)

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