S5E6: Combat Toyoda vs Megumi Kudo w/Jason Gibbs



In the film "The Five Obstructions" directors Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth explore the idea that obstacles (or obstructions) can often open up new avenues for artistic expression.

It is with this in mind that Combat Toyoda and Megumi Kudo enter the ring in a No Ropes Exploding Barbed-Wire Deathmatch to lower the curtain on Toyoda's career. As the match progresses we begin to see that it's the things the women can't do because of their in-ring restrictions that make this into one of the truly great entries in the Deathmatch genre.

Your boys are joined by Jason Gibbs, making his second appearance on the show, who will help break down all the action in the match.

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