S5E5.5: Death Match Gauntlet Deathstravaganza 2018


Warning - the matches discussed in this episode are not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. This week Joaquin, Frank and Chuck once again leave the safe confines of mainstream American wrestling and enter the death match gauntlet!

Your boys have watched six death matches (suggested by listeners) and will discuss and power rank each one. In the end, the match that takes the top spot will be the subject of next weeks' TIA episode.

The matches discussed are the following:

Cactus Jack vs W*ING Kanemura - FMW 7th Anniversary Show

Megumi Kudo vs Combat Toyoda - FMW 7th Anniversary Show

Jun Kasai vs Ryuji Ito - Big Japan Pro-Wrestling 11/20/2009

Sami Callihan vs Danny Havoc - CZW Cage of Death XI

Vampiro vs Pentagon Jr - Lucha Underground S1E39

Masashi Takeda vs Masaya Takahashi - BJW Death Vegas 2017

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