S7E1: Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar w/Courtney Mattox



Season 7 begins with a classic championship match from the Ruthless Aggression era. It's pre-sword-&-grenade tattoo Brock Lesnar defending his Smackdown World Championship against everyone's favorite liar, cheater and thief, Eddie Guerrero!

Eddie has the momentum behind him, and a redemption story that's as much rooted in his rise up the rankings as it is about moving past old demons, but he has a 26 year old beast of a champion in front of him looking to spoil this underdog story.

And hanging over all of this, like a goateed Sword of Damocles, is one Bill Goldberg who's beef with Lesnar threatens to throw the entire contest into disarray. Who will leave No Way Out and head to WrestleMania 20 as champion?

As always, we are joined in the lab this week by friend of the pod Courtney Mattox who will help us apply some soft science to our analysis of the match.

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