S6E10: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock w/Ryan Saucier



It's the final match of season six, and finality is central to all of the proceedings. We're flashing back to WrestleMania 19, specifically the semi-main event that saw The Rock clashing with Stone Cold Steve Austin in what would ultimately be the last match of their WrestleMania trilogy. We know now that, in hindsight, it was also the final match of Steve Austin's storied career.

Will The Rock, now a burgeoning movie star with an always expanding shoulder tattoo be able to defeat the bionic rattlesnake? Or will Austin once again defeat his rival as top dog in the WWE on wrestling's biggest stage?

Joining your boys in the research lab this week to don the lab coat and toss some (pseudo) science around is returning guest Ryan Saucier! (@FlyingSaucier)

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