S6E11: Season 6 Finale w/Producer Tom


It is the finale for season six and the entire gang has come together to take care of some housekeeping before they dive headfirst into the off-season.

On the agenda: three tie-breakers for the TIA Big Board. Frank, Joaquin and Chuck present their arguments for which match goes over, but ultimately the decision resides in the hands of Producer Tom.

Then, the boys talk big picture thoughts for the season and the resource project as a whole.

The three ties to be broken are:

S5E04 Aztec Warfare 1 vs S6E3: Masashi Taked OR Masaya Takahashi

S2E10 Will Ospreay vs Jimmy Havoc OR S6E10 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock

S4E08 The Young Bucks vs The World's Cutest Tag Team OR S6E05 Triple H vs Cactus Jack

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