TIA Off-Season - Let's Watch: The Dungeon Match & The Iron Circle Match



On this week's episode of the TIA off-season your boys have gathered together on the couch for another installment in our Let's Watch series - and this one is Fully Loaded. That's right: two matches in one episode.

The first match, from In Your House: Fully Loaded 1998, it's Ken Shamrock vs Owen Hart in a Dungeon Match! Who will win before Stu get's home from the grocery.

And then: Fully Loaded 1998. Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman in an Iron Circle match. A gimmick match so great that it was never booked again.

You can find both matches on the WWE Network. Press play when we do at the timecodes below.

1st match timecode: 01:14:46 IYH:Fully Loaded 1998

2nd match timecode: 01:20:45 Fully Loaded 1999

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